We all remember Great Recession in the middle of 2007.  Who could have thought that citizens of the greatest country will go broke almost overnight.

Many of our employees lost their homes and could not afford college education for their children. It was a desperate time. But everyone needed to get back to normal.

To do so, we needed to find a way to get out of the debt trap. A loan may seem like not a good idea, but how exactly were we to pay off bills, credit cards, etc.

That’s how the idea of creating a loan matching service came to us. We knew that people needed something new, fast, secure, yet reliable.

Entrepreneurial Finance Lab is a provider of online financial services where customers have an easy access to the variety of loans online. Each day we help numerous consumers finding convenient and suitable financial solutions with putting their personal needs above everything.

We choose the best possible lenders in the industry for you through our loan matching mechanism that makes decisions based on the data you provide in the loan application form.

The Company is focused on specific vertical categories, like small loans, business loans, debt consolidation, mortgages, and many types of insurance. It is always easy to make financial decisions with us!

Our Services

We are a young, yet a fast-developing US-based company. As we started in 2013, we keep expanding our services. Today’s lending market is full of different services and products.

Why choose us, though? First of all, it’s a wide range of products we provide all in one place. At EFLaboratory.com, we offer to find loans for any life events and occasions. Find everything you need in one place:

Second of all, we understand the importance of making smart financial decisions. That’s why we cooperate with certified financial experts to be able to share useful money tips through the Company’s blog.

As we follow the latest trends in personal finance, we will be adding new financial services.  We strive to raise the bar of the lending industry.

Our Team

At Entrepreneurial Finance Lab LLC. we are always ready for new challenges. We work hard and play hard to deliver good results. For example, we are always working on objective personal finance tips that can help improving your money situation immediately.

For you comfort we have created Q&A page where you will get straightforward short answers to the most popular loan and insurance, debt and mortgage-related questions.

Useful Information

If you would like to know more about us, you have a few options. You can learn how we work or read our blog. Still sounds like not enough? OK, here are our social media pages:

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Stay in touch and you will always we the first to know about new financial services and other Company’s news.

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How we work

Find out how Entrepreneurial Finance Lab works, what always drives us forward. Learn more about the Company and it’s services. Find out how the application process works.

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